New Videos Available!

The WBC Christmas Cantata and the WBA Christmas program were livestreamed on YouTube and both are archived at the church YouTube channel for you to enjoy!

Due to construction, the sound board was not ready to integeate into the livestream so the audio isn't amazing, but we will post new versions with better sound in the next couple weeks. The links are below:

WBC Christmas Cantata

WBA Christmas Program


WBC YouTube Channel

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to our YouTube channel. We are now able to livestream events, and while, at first, it will be only select events, we're hoping to expand live streaming in the near future. You can always find our livestream on our YouTube channel page here:

We are also working on embedding videos on the websitre, but until all the hoops have been jumped through we will post links on the website and social media that point to the livestream on YouTube.


We needed 25 subscribers to live stream. If we can get 100 we recieve a custom URL, so it's easier to remember (and type!).

If you don't know how to subscribe, first you'll need a Google account. If you don't have one it's very easy to sign up, and you won't be asked to do anything with it except this. You can sign up right from the YouTube home page, or follow the instructions here:

Thanks so much for your help and support!

New Class, Sundays 5 PM


Join us in room 206 for a new class where the topic will be A Place Called Heaven. Based on a book he is currently reading, Dr. Clarke Poorman will be sharing ten fascinating truths about our Eternal Home!

Steeple Raising

The steeple went up on Friday, October 13, and we have a couple of videos of the event if you are interested. Both are on YouTube, or you can watch them in the gallery below.

Crews were ready and waiting early, and the crane arrived an hour before expected, so everything came together quickly and without incident. The weather was cooperative, if a little chilly, with one brief sprinkling of rain. As the cross was mounted on the top of the steeple, the clouds broke momentarilly (which you can see in the timelapse video below).

And so, as you've probably noticed, our building looks much more like a church, and you can see the cross from University. It was an exciting morning; seeing visible, dramatic change in such a short span was an encouragement.

Praise God for his everlasting faithfulness!

Construction Continues

Most of you are aware that the new construction is very much underway, with the auditorium - and the front doors! - out of commission for the past several weeks, and we're incredibly grateful for the patience everyone has displayed, that we asked for and prayed for at the beginning. We're grateful for the attendence on Wednesday evenings as school has begun, pushing us out of the gymnasium and into classrooms for small group studies. And we're grateful for the perpetual goodwill of God's people as we experience some of the challenges that come with His great blessings.

Our eyes are on the end result as each week brings us closer to a new car port and lobby, a welcome center, an elevator, a new choir room, and a larger auditorium with a bigger stage, and while it's not part of the construction, the new mural in the nursery should be finished about the same time!

We've added a few more pictures showing the progress, and they're attached for you here. More pics and perhaps a video to follow soon!

The first image is a large, animated file and will take some time to load, but you can skip ahead to the others any time you like.

Construction Photos

Work continues on the new construction at WBC.

The giant hole in front of the building now resembles a room (inside a giant hole), and you can begin to see the first buds of the fruit born of patience and persistence.

This series of pictures was taken over a couple weeks, and you can see some of the progress made in them.

Remain in prayer for the construction workers, the factulty, and WBC members as we all navigate this challenge together.

Service Times

9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM "B" Sunday School
10:45 AM Morning Service
5:00 PM Children's Program
6:00 PM Evening Service
7:00 PM Evening Service
All services are interpreted for the hearing impaired.