Believing that it is our duty and responsibility to instill biblical principles and precepts into the lives of the next generation, Woodcrest is committed to an active, vibrant youth ministry. Monthly activities, misisons trips, Bible camps, Sunday School, youth choir (Sunday nights), and the Pro-teens program (Wednesday nights) all combine to develop Godly character in the lives of the youth at Woodcrest. We work with the parents in the important task of not only setting Christ-honoring standards but teaching the "why" behind them. We highly encourage a continuing education at Bible college. A college trip every fall for the Juniors and Seniors allows them to seek and pray about God's will for their lives. It is our prayer that the young people from Woodcrest will mature into Godly adults who will be a blessing and benefit to the service of God wherever He may lead them.

Children (pre-teen)

Continuing with our belief regarding our duty and responsibility to instill Biblical principles and precepts into the lives of the next generation, Woodcrest offers a number of pre-teen programs: "Master Club" (children 4 yrs old through the 6th grade) meets Sunday nights, "Eager Beavers" (a class for 4 yr olds through 1st grade) meets Wednesday nights, and the "Patch the Pirate Club" (a class for 2nd through 6th grade) meets Wednesday nights.

2017 Teen Service

Youth Events

Master Club
19 Nov 2017   04:45PM -
Huddle-Up Wed. on a Tues.
21 Nov 2017   07:00PM - 08:00PM
29 Nov 2017   07:00PM -
Patch the Pirate Club
29 Nov 2017   07:00PM -
Eager Beavers
29 Nov 2017   07:00PM -
Teen Nursing Home Service
06 Dec 2017   06:00PM - 08:00PM
Teen Christmas Party
13 Dec 2017   02:00PM - 08:00PM

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